How to Incorporate a Free Liver Cleansing Diet with Liver Cleansing Herbs into Your Everyday Life


The major benefit to a free liver cleansing diet has to be that it is, well free, right?!

Sure, in a day and age where we are all taking more notice of where our hard earned cash is going, getting something for nothing is a major bonus.

But is anything in life really free? I hope to find the answers here.

Flushing your body of harmful toxins, while losing weight, with the help of liver cleansing herbs and supplements is one way to improve the overall health of your liver.

While there is no medical research backing that a free liver cleansing diet can provide positive benefits for individuals looking to improve the health of their liver, there is no real evidence to suggest it is harmful either.

Although technically you do not have to spend any money to achieve a liver cleanse diet, doctors and other professionals recommend that people use specific liver cleansing herbs and supplements alongside their diet plan, in order to achieve the best results possible.

Fatty Liver Disease, a Silent Killer?

Statistics provided by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, as many as one in five Americans suffer with fatty liver disease and this does not include the suspected many more who have never been diagnosed.

Unfortunately, while the disease does not cause pain or even any symptoms, it is not unusual for the condition to lead to more serious illness and diseases such as coronary conditions.

Ultimately, people who have fatty liver disease unchecked could face complete liver failure and even death.

A free liver cleansing diet will not cure fatty liver disease completely, but it can go some way to reducing the effect on the body’s most vital organ.

According to the Mayo Clinic, losing weight is one of the best ways to cleanse the liver and improve its overall health.

In order to achieve optimal liver cleansing, people should aim to lose between five and ten percent of their total body weight, says the Clinic.

It is important that, before attempting any kind of liver cleanse or detoxification process, you seek advice from your doctor or other professional. You should also request advice with regards to how much weight you need to lose before following any kind of weight loss regime.

Cleansing the Liver Means Eating “Clean” Food

Experts at the Mayo Clinic believe that a free liver cleansing diet should ideally involve certain types of food, in order for the individual to experience the best results.

These include:

  • Vegetables – In particular leafy green vegetables, such as cabbage and spinach.
  • Fruit – all types of fruit are good for a liver cleanse diet, although blueberries and pineapple contain health-promoting antioxidants.
  • Lean meat – It is important when following a cleansing diet that any meat you eat is lean cut. In this case, lean cuts of pork, turkey and chicken are probably the most recommended.
  • High-fiber foods – In order to achieve the best liver cleanse possible, whole grains and bran should be a natural part of the individual’s diet.

Although, technically losing weight could be seen as a free liver cleansing diet, you may find you have to spend more than you would usually on a grocery shop.

This is because you will need to increase the amounts of healthy food you buy, to ensure your diet is consistent and you get all the nutrients needed.

Diversity is the Key to a Successful Free Liver Cleansing Diet

One thing you will notice when deciding on what type of liver cleanse diet best suits you, is the many different recommendations.

Some diets suggest the best results are achieved by eating raw fruits and vegetables, while another will recommend a vegan-style diet in conjunction with specific liver cleansing herbs.

However, because there is no scientific or medical evidence to suggest one method is more effective than another, it really does fall down to personal choice.

If you are overweight, obese or suffer from certain conditions such as high cholesterol or diabetes, then losing weight is the best free liver cleansing diet you can try.

You could in fact incorporate several cleansing techniques into one diet, eating raw fruit and vegetables, as well as following a more vegan approach to the rest of your eating habits will help you lose weight and cleanse your liver too.

Liver Cleansing Herbs Help the Detoxification Process

Although a diverse healthy eating plan is a good way to cleanse your liver, if you want to further increase your chances of good liver health most dieticians will recommend one of four liver cleansing herbs.

These are:


Most people curse this yellow-headed weed, as it is runs through their immaculate lawn but the dandelion is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts when it comes to liver cleansing.

The National Herbalists Association of Australia refers to two cases where herbal dandelion was taken to promote liver regeneration in association with liver swelling and jaundice.

Both cases reported medium success rates. Dandelion is most commonly sold in 500mg – 2000mg capsules, although you can use dandelion in powder form to make a tea – using two teaspoons of powder to each cup of boiling water.

Milk Thistle

This is the most common of all the liver cleansing herbs, and some experts would say sees the most success.

Milk thistle helps prevent certain toxins from reaching the liver and causing serious cell damage. Although it can be found in powder form and drank as a tea, milk thistle is not very water-soluble.

Therefore, if you plan to use this herb during your free liver cleansing diet, the National Association of Australian Herbalists recommends you purchase the extract.


The curry lovers amongst us will be all to familiar with this herb, however the fact it helps cleanse and regenerate the liver is little known.

Turmeric is also known to increase the body’s production of bile, which results in preventing inflammation of the liver.

As well as being able to purchase turmeric in capsule form, you can also add the ground form to food.

Globe Artichoke

Made primarily of a compound called caffeylquinic acid, the globe artichoke has similar effects to the milk thistle in that it has powerful liver regeneration properties.

Globe artichoke is most commonly found in the form of capsules.

Free Liver Cleansing Diet – The Verdict

You are not going to get a totally free liver cleansing diet, once you have factored in the cost of liver cleansing herbs and any special dietary requirements.

However, it is possible to follow a liver cleansing regime that doesn’t have to cost a lot.

For example, if you didn’t want the expense of purchasing herbal capsules, you could add turmeric to your food.

Turmeric is a relatively inexpensive spice, although due to the fact it has a spicy taste it is mostly suited to curries and hot soups or stews.

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